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BSA/BA Financial Management Major in Ethereal Communication
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While waiting for the pizza!!!!!

Instagram-ish vlog at this very moment!


They say when you are in doubt, better not do it. So…

There are things I love about being the person he talks to, whether or not it’s something usual, being the person who listens to him, being the person he shows his love to, being the person he shares his venti cup with..

But I also love it when I feel free, and not hurt, carefree and careless. I love it when I don’t care.


Turning out not so bad a? Uh oh…

The question is why does this person feel this way?

As of this ungodly hour, if i may say, we are still on the phone. Am still hyped and he is in trance. I just told him that i love him and after few seconds… I heard him whispered.